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Pictures of where we live:
We thought you might like to see where we live. We are outside of Alpine, Texas,approximately 6000 feet above sea level in the high Chihuahuan desert. We do not get extremely hot in the summer, and our humidity is very low, so it does not feel hot most of the time.

Our Springs are very windy, but then Summer time arrives and the winds die down and it is sunny and warm almost every day until our rainy season starts around July. The rains, which includes an almost daily afternoon shower or thunderstorm, continue from mid-July to the beginning of September.

You can start to feel Fall in the air around mid September. The sun is still warm, but there is a wonderful cool breeze.

I call our winters "malamutable" because that is the malamutes' favorite season. It lasts from early to mid December and goes until about mid to late March, giving us several good snow falls, which our Malamutes love.

Please enjoy the pictures below of our seasons and animals. --Julie--

North of where we live, in the Davis Mountain Resort:

Photos coming soon!

The following pictures were taken in the Terlingua, Big Bend National Park area:

These pictures were taken in the Alpine area:

The following pictures are of some unique things in South Brewster County:

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