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Required Pet Home Contract:

1. We feel that the Alaskan Malamute is the best all-around large breed. However, Alaskan Malamutes are not for everyone. Be sure you are fully committed before you take on this responsibility.

2. You must have suitable fencing for your Alaskan Malamute. You should not leave your K-9 out on a chain. Your K-9 should be on a suitable leash and collar when not confined to your yard.

3. Your Malamute must have human companionship each day.

4. Buyer must provide fresh, clean drinking water to your Malamute at all times. A large tank of water, such as a water trough, large wash tub, or small pool must be accessible to help them dissipate heat.

5. You must provide a high quality, nutritious food to your Malamute. We feed Diamond Naturals for Large Breed Puppies and suggest feeding this or a comparable brand. Please consult with your vet regarding your Malamute’s nutritional needs during its different life stages.

6. You must keep all medical vaccinations current and comply with local, state and federal laws. Parvo, as well as other viruses, are killers. It is best to keep your Malamute away from other canines and where other canines have been until the vaccinations have had time to take effect. There are a number of theories on what is the best regimen for vaccinating against these diseases. We encourage you to study up on these viruses and to sit down with your Vet and formulate a plan before you bring your puppy home.

7. Children must have direct adult supervision when interacting with your K-9, as we recommend supervision with all K-9's.

8. This puppy is being sold as a pet and must be spayed/neutered. Proof of alteration must be provided to Ghost Dance before the puppy reached 8 months of age.

9. Buyer agrees that at no time will the dog be involved in wolf hybrid breeding.

10. Buyer assumes ALL responsibility and liability for the future actions of the K-9 and hereby relinquishes and waives any right to hold seller/breeder liable in any way. The seller/breeder does not intend to imply any faults with this animal in regard to temperament, but intends to advise buyer/new owner of the responsibility inherent in owning a canine of any breed.

11. The buyer will abide by all local, state and federal laws concerning canines.

12. Buyer agrees to provide training to Malamute to ensure good behavior. Training tips: Correcting your K-9 should consist of a strong verbal correction using the word “no.” You should not strike your K-9 with your hand or any object. Proper obedience training will teach your K-9 to respond to the word “no.” A quality choke collar and nylon or leather lead is usually the only equipment needed for basic obedience. We feel using a combination of leash training and food reward works best with Alaskan Malamutes and other related breeds.

13. Remember: your K-9 is your responsibility. You determine whether he turns out great, or is a menace.

14. Buyer must supply, at his/her expense, a quality clear photo (hard copy or email acceptable) of said canine within the first 14 days of ownership, @ 6 months, @ 1 year, and @ 2 years of age. Noncompliance voids any/all guarantees/warranties.

15. We provide a limited guarantee pertaining to Parvo, distemper, hip dysplasia, and /or any other serious genetic disorder. If your Malamute dies within 30 days from Parvo or distemper, we will replace him/her with another Malamute, of our choosing, when one is available. For the Parvo/distemper guarantee to be valid you must have: a letter from your Vet stating the cause of death and a copy of all vaccination records. If vaccinations were not given on schedule, this guarantee is null and void.

16. For the hip dysplasia guarantee to be valid: within 120 days after your Malamute turns TWO years years of age, you must have your Malamute’s hips x-rayed by your vet and forwarded to OFA for certification. If your animal is found to have hip dysplasia, we will replace your animal with another AKC Alaskan Malamute of our choosing when one is available. We must have proof from OFA and a letter to verify that this reading was on the Malamute that came from Ghost Dance. Proof of spaying/neutering of the Malamute must be provided before a replacement animal will be given.

17. For the genetic disorder guarantee to be valid, a letter from your vet must be provided stating the disorder. ALL expenses incurred will be paid by YOU the buyer of the animal. You will also be responsible for any shipping costs incurred for the Malamute replacement.

18. Seller will accept return of puppy at buyers expense at any time during its life if for any reason buyer is unable to keep or maintain the dog as agreed to in this contract.

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